The Guide that Helped Small Business Owners to Choose a Great Business Name

Great Business Name

Are you starting a business? Then you probably know by now that the business name is one of the most important things that you have to deal with during that whole process. The choosing of the name is something that can be either, very simple and easy if you already have something in mind, or something that can be very complicated if you have no idea where to even begin. Since the name is a pretty important part of the business, you should definitely make sure to choose a business name that will actually suit your business and to help you with that whole process we have put together a few tips that you should definitely consider using.

Look at your business

One of the most important things about any business name is that it needs to reflect the business itself and what it’s all about. In order to really grasp all of that you should go back to the basics and look at what your mission is, your selling proposition and even your business plan and target audience because all of those things will help you remember what you want your business to be. Come up with some guidelines like what you want to portray with your business name, what are the priorities you have for the business name, do you want the name to be long or short, unique or generic and so on. You can then take all of these guidelines and hold a brainstorming session in order to come up with tons of different ideas at once.

Take some time

Brainstorming sessions usually end up with super long lists of different ideas, regardless of the topic of the meeting. After you are done with the meeting, you need to make sure to take some time and go through all of the possibilities. First remove the ones that you definitely don’t like and mark the ones that you love. Take these ideas to your employees, friends and family and see how they feel about the names as well. It is important to take these steps in different fazes and to always keep going back to the list because you may end up not liking any of the names in which case you can always go and start another brainstorming session.

Make sure that the name is available for use

This is probably something that you can do as you are running over your list. As you mark the names that you like, a good idea would be for you to also make sure that those names are available because a lot of the time suggested names can be things that people have already heard about somewhere and that can mean that they are taken. The easiest way to check if a name is available is to simply go on Google and do a search, but if you want to properly check then you should definitely check with any patent and trademark offices in your area, state or country. Doing this, you will also assure that you won’t get yourself into any legal trouble for taking someone else’s business name.

Choosing the right name is a process that can be very long, time consuming and stressful, but it is an important process nonetheless. Since this is a very significant decision that you are making, make sure to take these simple tips and apply them when you choose a business name, because choosing the name means that you are one step closer to being able to start your business.

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